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Information-Map and Area

This area is located in the Southern Pacific part of the Costa Rica, where it borders with Panama. The Southern Pacific includes one of the most pristine places in the world, the Gulfo Dulce. Recently the Southern Pacific properties have been searched out by people looking for ecological houses . This area is unique due to the wide biodiversity of plants and animals that live in the combined ecosystems. 

The Southern Pacific has been selected by many property seekers looking to be surrounded by nature and a calm way of life where the sounds and smells of the rainforest have a relaxing effect and allow them to be happier. Many of the beaches in the Southern Pacific where people live can only be accessed by boat even though it is not an island. 


Golfito is a small bay located inside the Golfo Dulce. It has a natural wave breaker which makes it be an extremely calm port for landing. There is a public dock for large ships which load palm oil from holding tanks. A very important feature is the airport where local airlines fly into various times a day from San Jose. All of these factors have allowed the town to grow and become an atractive entry point into the Golfo Dulce. 

In the 1930s it was estblished by the United Fruit Company as one of their port towns from which bananas were exported. Then in 1985 United Fruit left due to various reasons and Golfito went into a depression. IN 1990 the Costa Rican government opened the duty free zone in order to attract visitors to the area. 

In the last few years Golfito has grown in popularity, attracting investors who are impressed by the calm port and it's amazingly biodivers surroundings. Recently the first stage of Golfito Marina Village was completed allowing mega luxury yachts a place to dock and enjoy a full range of amenities. The main road into Golfito was all recently paved and there are other projects in the works to continue improving infrastructure.

GULFO DULCE (The Sweet Gulf)

Gulfo Dulce is in the Southern Pacific and  much of the surrounding properties belong to the Costa Rican National Park System. In this area there is no possibility to build roads which guarantees privacy. Often while riding in the boat to the nearest town you will see dolphins playing in the clear blue Southern Pacific ocean or Green Sea Turtles sunbathing in the early morning rays. 


In other parts of the Southern Pacific there are various beaches, including Zancudo and Pavones, which can be reached by car. 

Pavones is world famous for having the longest left surfing wave. It is a small beach town where mostly surfers have bought property in order to live their dream life of waking up to great swells.

Zancudo is a sandy beach great for swimming and boogie boarding. It can be accessed both by water or by land and has some of the greatest Costa Rican sunsets in the Southern Pacific.

Both places are great for property seekers looking for a beach style life full of fun and relaxation.


There are also mountainous areas with outstanding views and cool weather located in the Southern Pacific  town of San Vito. This town was settled by Italians so you will find a mix of the Costa Rican culture with Italian back ground.  Here the locals cultivate their own crops and sometimes sell their extra produce in the local market. Due to the climate people produce amazing flower gardens.


The Costa Rican Bureau has a lot of information about this area including maps and attractions.