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General Information about Costa Rica´s Central Pacific Zone


The Central Pacific is an area of Costa Rica known for its beach life and is popular with  nature lovers. Here the jungles meet the oceans offering a huge variety of wildlife for residents and tourists. If you are flying into San Jose the Central Pacific coast is the easiest place to access beaches, adventure tours and fishing by vehicle. Just recently route 27 or costanera was completed which allows a quick smooth drive to the different beach towns along the coast. 


The first well known beach town you come to after driving about an hour is called Jaco Beach where you can find a wide range of entertainment. It is also close to the world-known Los Sueños Marina. In Jaco there are luxury hotel rooms and condos for rent in all price ranges. Numerous restaurants along the central Jaco strip and by the beach offer a variety of foods such as Tsushi, pizza, seafood, or typical Costa Rican dishes. 



 - Esterillos Este, Esterillos CentroEsterillos Oeste 


Just 15 minutes south of Jaco you come to the area of Esterillos. At Esterillos beaches there are fewer visitors, so you have more beach to yourself for the ultimate privacy. In Esterillos there are houses at the beach where the owners enjoy a true beach life or houses overlooking  Esterillos with amazing views such as Costa Esterillos Estates. You will also find a variety of restaurants to choose from in each area.



Due south of Jaco is the world famous National Park Manuel Antonio where you may find animals and plants in abundance while walking along the trails in the lowland rainforest. In the park there is also a pristine beach for those who love to sunbathe.

Close by is the town of Quepos where the newly built Pez Vela Marina has become a popular stop for sport fishing. This is where the OWC in sport fishing is held and you can find a variety of restaurants here. Between October and December you can go on whale tours to see the humpback whales that come into this region to breed and give birth to their calves.


As you drive even further south you will get to Dominical. This is where you can see the famous Whales Tale. What is most amazing about this place is that nature has created a formation resembling a whale's tale and every year hundreds of humpback whales congregate here. It was declared a national park in 1990 so the beaches have been well protected and the land close to the beach is untouched. In order to enter you must pay an entrance fee as to any national park in Costa Rica.

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