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Well experienced in buying and owning property in Costa Rica.
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Sharing our story

My name is Melanie MacAllister. My husband, Luis Torres, and I are the owners of JB Real Estate Costa Rica. We are a family-operate business focusing on real estate sales and purchases in Central and Southern Pacific Costa Rica. What separates us from other companies is our unique backgrounds that have allowed us to intimately know Costa Rica and its people. I was born and raised in Costa Rica (my parents are American-born). I was home schooled and also spent several years in school in the US. I am fluent in Spanish and English. Luis is a native Costa Rican and is also bilingual. For many years we were both  employed by a property development and management company. This experience prepared us well for creating our own real estate company.

We would like to share our stories with the public. This way you can understand our love for living, working, and having fun in Costa Rica. It is a beautiful country with amazing people who share what they have and this way making you feel welcome. The Pura Vida culture is different, though, so be prepared when strangers walk by greeting you on the street.

Up until a year ago our home was Golfito, in Southern Pacific Costa Rica, and I always joked with Luis that it took him so long to walk down to the store, as he stopped every few seconds to greet neighbors. He knows everyone in that town.


  • Needle Fish in the Golfo Dulce

    The needle fish in the Golfo Dulce are a very integral part of the local peoples life. Luis grew up learning about the foods, plants, animals, traditions and beliefs that his mother and father knew so well. From a very young age he was taught how to clear ground and plant crops such as corn, …

  • Introducing where Luis came from.

    Family History So enough about me, it is time to give you a little back ground about my husband Luis.  His mother was born on one of the beaches in the Golfo Dulce but his father came from the central part of Costa Rica, a place known as Puriscal. Clara, his mom, grew up knowing …

  • Growing up in Costa Rica

    Could you imagine growing up in Costa Rica? Growing up in Costa Rica at Casa Orquideas offered a very different childhood, to say the least, from what most of you are familiar with. A normal daily routine on the farm was to get up early, have breakfast, work in the gardens, swim, take a nap, …

  • Our Origin: Southern Pacific Costa Rica.

      Where I came from: the Southern Pacific Costa Rica I have to tell you my parent’s story not only because that is where I come from (Southern Pacific Costa Rica) but mostly due to the fact that they are amazing adventurers. By telling a bit of their story you will understand who I am, …

  • A Little Bit About Us

    My name is Melanie MacAllister, and I together with my husband Luis Torres and our children Brandon and Jack have started JB Real Estate Costa Rica. This is a business where we would like to help people who are looking into buying property Costa Rica and living here so as to assure they have an enjoyable …